Словарик 3. About people

piercing blue eyesMarcel Falcon was an imposing-looking man, heavy-set, with strong features and piercing blue eyes. 🙂

1) (of a sound) sharp and shrill
2) (of eyes or a look) intense and penetrating
3) (of an emotion) strong and deeply affecting
4) (of cold or wind) intense or biting

The commandant was a dapper man with a little mustache and inquisitive brown eyes.

1) neat and spruce in dress and bearing; trim
2) small and nimble

Dr Joel Hirschberg was in his late forties, an attractive, earnest-looking man with an air of quiet competence.

1) serious in mind or intention an earnest student
2) showing or characterized by sincerity of intention an earnest promise
3) demanding or receiving serious attention

Rachel Stevens was tall and slender, with lustrous, long blond hair, flawless tanned skin, and striking facial features.

2) (esp of a person's figure) slim and well-formed

1) the brown colour produced by the skin after intensive exposure to ultraviolet rays, esp those of the sun
2) a light or moderate yellowish-brown colour

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